Curriculum for the Children’s House

The Children’s House experience gives your child the freedom to learn at their own pace within the limits (rules) of the classroom; these help children learn to take turns, share and become responsible citizens.


Children start in the Children’s House between the ages of two and two and a half. The class is for children aged two to four years old (pre-reception)

Children are in a mixed-age community supported and guided by our Montessori teachers who encourage and facilitate independence and engender a love of learning.

Montessori curriculum areas

Practical life

These are everyday, real-life activities that children enjoy, such as pouring, using tools, threading and polishing. These activities help children develop concentration, coordination, a sense of order and independence.


The sensorial area consists of educational materials that help the child develop and refine the five senses. Your child will learn about shape, colour, touch and to distinguish similarities and differences.


Good modelling of language and a language rich environment are key at an early age when a child is learning to speak, increasing vocabulary every day. Teachers support our young learners through shared experiences, books, picture cards, music and rhyme.

As the children mature they learn to write and read using the Montessori phonics and look and say approach. Children learn to read between the ages of three to four years old, and are delighted to be read to and with every day.


Closely linked to the sensorial materials, the maths materials bring a logical approach to geometry, measurement and numeracy.

This works from the concrete (what does 10 look and feel like?) to the abstract (‘10’). The aim here is to help your child develop a deep understanding of mathematics, to think critically about and around numbers.

Cultural subjects

The Montessori ‘cultural subjects’ is an expansive area comprising science, geography, gardening and nature.

We follow and learn about the seasons and multi-cultural festivals as they occur; encouraging children to develop a love and respect for the world around them. Our nature garden and surrounding woodland provide year-round opportunities for exploration and learning.

Music and drama

Inspiration and expression for the children are provided by instruments that are readily available in the classroom and our specialist music teacher, Paul.

Opening the door to the power of music, the children learn to sing and dance along to the piano or guitar. At this age, children are free and uninhibited and so love to join in singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments.


Children love to explore art through painting, printing, sticking and exploring colour and texture. They learn to hold a pencil and paintbrush, use scissors and stick, build and create. Materials for the child to choose from are readily available throughout every day.


A cultural as much as a language experience. Learning another language helps children absorb new vocabulary whilst the brain is more malleable. French is taught by our specialist French teacher through songs, pictures, games and conversation.


Sports is an integral part of the curriculum; from a young age, the children learn to enjoy mini-tennis, football, rugby and gymnastics in a fun way. Our after-school clubs for children of 3 years old and above include Multisport with a specialist sports teacher for young children and Yoga classes with our dedicated children’s yoga teacher.

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