Attending our school

Children are admitted to our school on a first-come first-served basis, in accordance with our admissions policy.

We actively encourage parents and guardians to visit us during a typical morning, to experience the classroom and to gain an insight into the daily routine at a Montessori school.

We follow our equal opportunities policy and do not discriminate or select children in any way.

Read about our hours, fees and funding and how to register your child.

Arranging a visit

Instead of open days, we have personal guided tours for parents and guardians.

Please contact us in advance to make an appointment to visit our school. We can then make sure that one of our teaching team is available to show you and your children around. This will also minimise disruptions to the daily activities of the children at the school that day.

Once a visit date has been agreed, you and your child will be invited to our school to look around, chat to the head teacher, teachers and children. We can answer your questions, and your child can enjoy spending time at our school.

Introductory mornings

In the term before your child’s start date, you and your child will be invited to our school for two introductory mornings. Some parents and guardians stay for the introductory mornings, others do not; this differs from child to child and we will work with you to do what is best for your child.

Following two successful introductory mornings, your child will start in the Children’s House or Grantham Farm class on the agreed date.