Curriculum: what we teach and how

We foster a curiosity and love of learning in children. Maria Montessori said ‘The goal of early education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn’, and this is what we do.

We follow the Montessori curriculum, which covers all aspects of the Early Years Foundation stage (birth to five years) and the National Curriculum (six to eleven years) in the Montessori way:

Research has proven time and again, that children have the best possible start with the Montessori approach.

In line with how a child’s brain develops, the Montessori approach follows a natural progression from ‘the known to the unknown’ and from ‘simple to complex’, ‘concrete to abstract’. This approach allows each child to develop in their own time, building a solid foundation upon which to build future learning, thus engendering a love of learning and a positive self-image.

How will Montessori prepare my child for the next step?

The Montessori approach of developing independent thinkers and well-rounded people means that the children we teach have strong social and emotional skills which are the foundations for a happy life.

Children’s progress at our school consistently shows that through the Montessori approach, children reach (and often exceed) national expectations. Most importantly, as a Montessori school, our aim is to ensure that all children have the best possible experience of school and others.

We prepare children for the life ahead of them, working closely with local schools so that every child is prepared for the next stage of their education. Because we have high teacher/child ratios, we are able to tailor this so that transitions are seamless.

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